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October's Fat Bottomed Girl 

Puppy class shows:
shown 6 times,
LRC Open Show puppy 5-7m Class winner
LRC Puppy & Veteran Show BOS / BIS2-puppy
+ 3*BOB, 1*BOS

Breeding of German Pinschers from FCI approved Crossbreeding line since 2009

Latest updates 2023

5th Nov - October's Fat Bottomed Girl "Bööna" BOS/BIS2-puppy at Labrador Club's Puppy & Veteran Show on 4th Nov. Nice way to end 
puppy classes and start waiting for the junior rings.

30th Sep - MMG Ad Victoriam mental tested with +112 points, no reaction to shooting. Thank you to owner for testing!

22nd Aug - Our Lab puppy Bööna has started her show career nicely, winning her class of 11 pups, at Club Show in 29th July,: at the same show her two brothers placed 1st and 2nd in a class of 7 baby males, way to go Papu's babies!  Also BOB Puppy at Hämeenlinna Puppy Show 13th August.

Puppy plans updated. 

16th Apr - Goodbye to my beloved Eetsi, Megamagee Sham-And-A-Lie. 

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