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Jun 24th - So much has happened, we had a busy spring.  Fiona is mated with Elmo, puppies due August.
We got a new puppy, Labrador Papu.
And yesterday arrived our latest import, 
Bäretriewer's Joy-Genie. Read more in 
"our dogs at home", "puppies" and "on breeding rights". 

German Pinschers

I breed German Pinschers mainly from FCI approved Schnauzer-crossbred lines, and continue kennel Yarracitta's work.  I have bred 7 litters since 2009 and also have taken care of couple Yarracitta-litters.
Welcome to get to know more about the Crossbreeding Project and Megamagee-dogs.

October's Yosemite

Bäretriewer's Joy-Genie

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