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Breeding of German Pinschers from FCI approved Crossbreeding line since 2009

Latest updates 2023


16th Apr - Goodbye to my beloved Eetsi, Megamagee Sham-And-A-Lie. 

Mar 9th - We have new puppy in our pack, welcome Bööna
Also we have now Yarracitta Dhalma Pilccunen living with us. 

Jan 13th - MMG Arseniya Iridium in the first 2nd generation Pin-SS crossbred ever to become Champion: Arseniya finished her RUS & RKF Champion- titles 24.12.2022! Huge congratulations!!

Our Lab October's Yosemite whelped 3+6 puppies to her breeder, kennel October's on 12th January. 
Yosemite's MyDogDNA-results added to her info.

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