I breed German Pinschers mainly from FCI approved Schnauzer-crossbred lines, and continue kennel Yarracitta's work.  I have bred 8 litters since 2009 and also have taken care of couple Yarracitta-litters.
Welcome to get to know more about the Crossbreeding Project and Megamagee-dogs.

Latest updates


Sep 14th - MMG Fenrisulfr visited Estonia last weekend, and was Best Of Breed all 3 days! Therefore Fenrisulfr is now also EE CH, Tallinn Winner'21 & Estonian Winner'21 and one last CACIB short of C.I.B.


Sep 6th - Papu at Lab specialty Interm EXC yesterday. 
MMG Fenrisúlfr BOB CACIB last weekend at Riihimäki INT.
MMG Legato Lungo Norwegian Veteran Winner-21 on Aug 22th, MMG Friggin Awesome BestBitch-3 at the same show. Congrats boys and girls!


Aug 17th - A-litter was DNA-tested with Embark, and results are in. All 4 puppies are Clear for vWD, Dilute and B-locus, Arseniya is genetically short haired, others have bearded gene (surprise?). Red girls carry for wild boar, Väinö is clear red (ay/ay) and Hiisi of course aw/at. 

A-litter girls