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I breed German Pinschers at my home, so term "kennel" is bit exaggerated. 

I purchased my first Pinscher Jaska in year 2003, and Jaska's sister Tessa also came to live with us couple months later. Altough I took these dogs as companions, I got very interested about the breed and dog breeding  because of this interesting crossbreeding project. 6 years later Tessa became the dam of my first litter.


At this moment we have 5 dogs at home, three of them are crossbred-line pinschers: Eetsi and Simi, 3rd generation crosses, and 4th generation cross Panda. We also have two Labradors, Lilli and Papu.

We live in the countryside and we do long walks to forests and fields with the dogs. Mostly they are allowed to run free. I haven't been so active doing any hobbies but recently we started Nose work with Eetsi and Panda. This hobby seems very suitable for a Pinscher. We have tried some blood tracking and rally-obedience earlier, but not very actively. With Lilli I have hopes to at least get her qualified in the field. Lilli is very different type of dog than what I have been used to with Pinschers. 

Biggest thanks to all my breeding right dogs' homes, you make it possible for kennel Megamagee to continue breeding, and also to all my active puppy buyers who have been taking their dogs to mental tests, as I believe that only way to better dogs is objective evaluation.

Even though I am a small scale breeder and don't breed quantity, Megamagee-dogs have some quite nice results from shows including MMG Sham-And-A-Lie's Best In Group Puppy-3 placement and GP Cub's Best Showbitch 2013-title, MMG Borders-And-Shading's Best In Show-3 at German Main Breed Club's (PSK) Jahressiegerauslese, MMG Legato Lungo's three Best In Group- placements,  and MMG Friggin' Awesome's Best In Show-3 placement.

I use MyDogDNA-health pass, and have tested various dogs with it, also my puppy buyers have been admirably active to test their dogs. It is a tool mainly for screening the genetic diversity in the breed, and as such it is excellent.


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