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Our Labradors

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Currently we have three labradors at home, Lilli, Papu & Bööna. All are show-line yellow girls. 

Nallelaakson Ellu

Lilli is show-line Labrador retriever.
In FKC Database


sire: FI CH Lucky My All My Best A/A, 0/0, Nome-B AVO-1. Mejä AVO-3
dam: Nallelaakson Pinja B/B 0/0
born: 06-08-2018

NOU1 / qualified in the field

Hips A/A , Elbows 0/0


EIC - Clear (MyDogDNA)

SD2 - Clear (MyDogDNA)

CNM - Clear (MyDogDNA)

DM - Clear (MyDogDNA)
HNPK - Clear (Laboklin)

STGD - Clear (Laboklin)
Carries brown ee Bb (MyDogDNA)

Carries brown colour (B/b) 
MyDogDNA- full results
Shows Working class VG

Sterilized due pyometra spring 2022

Hobbies: training for field, scent work, running free, being the "wise older sister" for Papu, supervising our tv remote control..


Lilli came in September 2018 after half a year of planning of getting a Labrador. Lilli's sire is my aunt's dog "Urho" that I liked really much, so it was natural choice for me to take puppy after him.

Lilli broke her toe in autumn 2020, and healing from the operation set us back with training and getting the field qualification quite much.

Lilli got qualified in the field in May 2021.

Lilli is very active, eager to work and loves doing anything with me. Likes people but is mostly My dog, with other dogs (bitches) can be a bit bossy.

Very easy to teach new things as she really wants to please, and will work for a praise (but eats everything,  works for a play also). If she doesn't understand what I'm trying to do she will try to guess, and that's what makes her easy for a dog-training potato like me. 

Takes all game, loves dummy work, brings me all sorts of items at home. Her best feature is never dropping anything when bringing dummy or game back, and hardest thing is to get her wait for a permission to retrieve when there is gunshots.

Lilli is my best friend, and even though there has been many dogs in our household, she is the 'Once in a lifetime'-dog for me. 

Labradorinnoutaja Nallelaakson Ellu

FI CH FIW-21 October's Yosemite

Papu is show-line Labrador retriever.
In FKC Database


sire: C.I.B. FI EE LT CH FIW-19 October's Nanook Of The North AA 00 
dam: Maisa AA 00
born: 11-03-2020

NOU 1 / Qualified in the field 

Best bits from shows: 
BOB @ Finnish Winner 2021 (Zeppi Alessandro, ITA)
BOB @ Tampere Int 1.5.22 & FI CH (Leikola-Walden Reia FI)
BOS @ Loviisa GS 7.5.22 (Siikonen Heli FI)
3 x FI CAC


HD B/C, ED 0/0
Eyes Clear 04/2021 
Heart auscultation clear 04/2021

EIC - Clear (Laboklin
prcd-PRA - Clear (parentage & MDD)
HNPK - Clear (parentage)
Carries brown eeBb (MDD)

MyDogDNA, Clear from all following breed related:

Alexander Disease, CNM, Congenital Myasthenic Disease, Hereditary Elliptocytosis, Hyperuricosuria, Myotonia Congenita, Narcolepsy, prcd-PRA, EIC, SD2, STGD, X-linked myotubular myopathy

+ Clear from all other MDD testing panel.

Dam to October's F-litter 2023.

Hobbies: Bit of retrieving, quite much teasing Lilli, being a great help with our litters playing with the puppies, training to wag that tail in the show ring.


Papu came to live with us in spring 2020, she was breeding rights bitch from her breeder. 
Papu is happy girl, loves absolutely everyone, loves to go to new places and meet new people and dogs. Loves to play, jump and run, everything for a good time. 

Papu uses her nose very well and I hope to get to do scent work and tracking with her. She is not a fan of waiting and steadiness, there's too much fun stuff in  the world for that! 

No problems with game or dummies.

Papu passed her field qualification test 26.09.2021.

We have taken Nose work classes, and maybe we will try blood tracking also. 

October's Yosemite

October's Fat Bottomed Girl

Bööna is show-line Labrador retriever.
In FKC Database


sire: WW-17,-22 MultiCH MultiW Bravo Messi AA 00 
dam: FIW-21 FI CH October's Yosemite BC 00
born: 12-01-2023

Owner: kennel October's


29.7.23 Club Show Baby puppy bitch out of class of 11

13.8.23 HML Puppy Show BOB Puppy 


RA - Clear (parentage)
HNPK - Clear (parentage)

Bööna is sired by gorgeous double World Winner Bravo Messi. Bööna came home in March 2023. She is our Papu's daughter from her first litter in 2023.

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