Text below about crossbreeding project is written from my own personal view, as I have followed and from some parts also participated to the crossbreeding program. All the actual facts and respective opinions from Mrs. Porenne, kennel Yarracitta, can be found from kennel Yarracitta's website.  You can visit kennel Yarracitta here.

The idea of crossbreeding was born in late 1980's, and kennels Yarracitta, Dorthonion and Waldschatz applied for permissions first time in 1990. At that time the idea was rejected by Finnish Kennel Club. The breeders didn't give up and two first mentioned kennels applied for permission again in 1995, and this time Finnish Kennel Club allowed the crossbreeding program for 4 crossbred combinations for Pepper&Salt Standard Schnauzer and German Pinscher; puppies were to be registered as German Pinschers.


The reason for crossbreeding was honest worry over the breed's small gene pool. Before starting the crossbreeding program kennel Yarracitta had already raised a Junior- and World Winner ('89 and '91, Yarracitta Yenccadancer), Junior World Winner ('91, Yarracitta Rosmariiniricu) and several other winners and Champions. Also kennel Dorthonion had raised one of the most world-renowned stud males to-be in this breed, Multi Champion Dorthonion Castamir-Coire.


By getting into crossbreeding the breeders knew there would be several years, over a decade, to come before the dogs would be able to compete in the showrings again. Before any actual crossbred litters were even born, kennel Dorthonion quit breeding and all the responsibility for the project was left on kennel Yarracitta's shoulders.  As a small scale hobby breeder the work took time - and still takes.

Project of 4 separate crossbreeding combinations was applied (and approved) to have some room for mistakes and setbacks, as can happen when breeding.



First combination from Pinscher male Yarracitta Reticcarudolf and P&S Schnauzer female Argenta's Pollyanna gave only 2 male puppies to Yarracitta P-litter. Unfortunately they both turned out to be chryptorchids, so the necessity of careful project planning beforehand proved to be important. First permission was used and there still wasn't new dogs to be introduced back into the breed.


Second combination was P&S Schnauzer male Balthasar vom Achterplätzchen and Pinscher female Yarracitta Ipanapapanetta. This combination produced Yarracitta O-litter of 8 puppies. Red female puppy Yarracitta Oiolenkaunokki was introduced back into the German Pinscher breed, and she became the foundation of very successful crossbreeding bloodline that thrives on today. Kennel Yarracitta concentrated to develop a line from this second combination for years, and it has given lots of information about crossbreeding as well as brought some success down the line when the later generations of crossbred dogs have been shown.


Third combination from Pinscher male Ceriinan Gilbert and P&S Schnauzer female Ankor Kurazh Eparhia resulted to 5 males in Yarracitta U-litter. One of the males from this litter sired a litter in 2017 to kennel Waldschatz, a kennel that was there in the beginning, and finally after decades able to take part of Yarracitta's project. Litter had 10 puppies of several colors, also liver&tan, and different coat types. Other males from U-litter have not been used for further breeding.

Fourth and last combination finally saw the daylight in year 2018. Yarracitta W-litter was born at kennel Megamagee's care as a result of Yarracitta and Megamagee co-operation. Sire for the litter was famous top-winning P&S Schnauzer of his time, Chivas Grand Calvera. Dam was fourth generation crossbred pinscher Yarracitta Dhalma Pilccunen: therefore this combination also combined the bloodline from second cross to new "dose" of Schnauzer blood. Litter had 3 males and 1 female.