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Planned litter

Pentuja odotettavissa keväällä 2020 // Puppies expected in spring 2020.

Yarracitta Dyyris Dryffeli "Jaki" on astutettu uroksella Upland Kalimeris "Nomi". 
Pentueen vanhemmat ovat molemmat terveiksi tutkittuja, myös arjessa terveitä ja helppoja perhekoiria. Molemmat asuvat lapsiperheissä. 

Jaki on jo 7,5-vuotias, koko elämänsä terveenä ollut narttu, josta minulla on aiempi F-pentue vuodelta 2017. Nomi on vielä nuori uros, ja sille pentue on ensimmäinen. 

Nomin lonkat A/A, silmät terveet joulukuussa 2019, ei rokotusreaktioita. Nomilla on näyttelyistä VSP & SERT.

Jakin lonkat B/B, silmät terveet joulukuussa 2019, ei rokotusreaktioita, epävirallinen selkälausunto puhdas. Näyttelyistä PN2 & varasert.


As I am so very happy with Jaki's (Y. Dyyris Dryffeli) first and so far only litter, 3 puppies with good health and pleasing temperaments, our old lady will have one more try of being a mom. 

This time the sire for the combination will be young Nomi, Upland Kalimeris, who is the perfect family dog. 
I am happy to bring in the old Finnish bloodlines through Nomi, and also something familiar for myself: Nomi's grandsire is Rivendells Midnight Eagle, who was the sire of our C-litter in year 2013. This litter also has solid friendly temperaments and good health. 

Jaki has res-CC and Nomi BOS & CC at shows. 

I am expecting medium sized, friendly temperament, red litter. 

All required health testing up to date, both parents without vaccine reactions or allergies, managing their everyday lives well in families with children. 

If you are interested in a puppy, please contact via facebook pm, e-mail or phone. 

Karoliina / kennel Megamagee

Upland Kalimeris "Nomi"

Yarracitta Dyyris Dryffeli "Jaki"

Puppy from us

Our puppies are raised indoors in our home. For the first weeks they get the privacy of their own room, and when they are old enough and the dam allows it, in about about 3 weeks, doors are opened for our other dogs to participate raising the puppies.

Puppies get to know normal household noises, other dogs, our yard animals (chickens and sheeps), cats and many different people as we allow visitors from 3-4 weeks forward. When puppies are around 5 weeks old we start car trips and visiting different places.

Puppies are properly dewormed, vet checked, ID-marked, registered to Finnish Kennel Club and free to leave to their new homes around 8 weeks of age. For export to most other countries the puppies have to stay here until they are 15 weeks old: in this case the puppies always get Export pedigree, EU-passport and first vaccinations, and are well socialized, as I take them to "see the world" as if they would be our own dogs. (We can only keep limited amount of puppies for longer time so we can provide good socialization to them.)

We do the Early Neurological Stimulation-program with our puppies. 

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