B-litter 2O14

This litter is 4th generation Schnauzer Crossbred litter, and also 6th generation Dobermann crossbred. Litter was born 23.08.2014.
Coefficient Of Inbreeding 6 gen. (COI): 0.68%
Ancestor loss coefficient 6 gen. (AVK): 96% 

Litter was done via natural mating and was born naturally.  9 puppies were born and 7 registered. 1 puppy died at 1 day old. 1 puppy was pts due to PRAA/Megaesophagus at 5 weeks of age.

black&tan male, born 2011
Hips B/B, eyes Clear latest 10/2015 (4 y.o.)
MH description done, shooting 4
International, Finnish, Estonian & Latvian Champion
vWD Clear (N/N), Dilute Clear (D/D)
Has MyDogDNA-health pass



red bitch, born 2011

Hips A/A, eyes Clear latest 03/2017 (6 y.o.), vWD Carrier
Mental test -1, +3, +3, -1, +1a, +2, -2, +2b = 60, approved to shooting
Finnish Champion, Latvian Champion, CAC's ready from Estonia (not applied),


Has MyDogDNA-health pass


DE CH, PSK Clubsieger, Badensieger'16, Jahressieger'17
Red male.
BOB & BIS-3 at PSK Jahressiegerauslese
BH-test passed
No vacc. reactions
Full & correct bite

HD A-2, Eyes Clear 3/2017
Dilute Clear, vWD Carrier
Accepted for breeding (Zuchtzulassung passed) sired several litters in Germany

Red male. Castrated.
No vacc. reactions.
Living as a pet.
Mental test:
1b,3,1,2a,1a,1,1,3 = ​
+142 no reaction to shots

Red male. Castrated.
Living as a pet.
No vacc. reactions.

Mental test:
-1,1b,1,-1,1b,1,1,2a = 65pts, approved to shot

Red male. Castrated.
No vacc. reactions. 
Full & correct bite.
Hips C/C, Elbows 0/0 (free)
Spine - FREE as follows:
Lumbosacral transitional vertebra - LTV0 (normal)
spondylosis - SP0 (free)
Vertebral anomaly - VA0 (normal)
Eyes Clear 11/2016, 2 years old
cardiac health certificate 8/2020:
auscultation: Physiological murmur
summary of echocardiography and ekg: 
no signs of heart disease.
EXC from shows.
Hobbies: Agility

mental test: -2,1b,3,-1,1b,3,1,3 = 97pts, approved to shooting

Red male.  Castrated
No vacc. reactions
Full & correct bite
Eyes clear 3/2017 (2 years old)
Heart auscultation Clear 3/2017
Prolonged Pancreatitis diagnosed 2017
EXC, CQ & res-CAC
MT dismissed / LT keskeytetty

Red bitch.
No vacc. reactions.
Full & correct bite.
Shown  with EXC.

Red bitch.
Living as a pet.
Diagnosed with Sub-aorthic stenosis (SAS) at 12 weeks old

1 bitch puppy was diagnosed with Sub-aorthic stenosis at 12 weeks old.
Most of the puppies went to family pets, so there aren't much info on them. All are doing good and seems to have no problems. Borders-And-Shading is a stud male in Germany with several litters, other males are castrated. 


To date (2020) all dogs from this litter are alive.