C-litter 2O13

This litter is purebred pinscher litter. 
Coefficient Of Inbreeding 6 gen. (COI): 2.04%
Ancestor loss coefficient 6 gen. (AVK): 87.3% 

Litter was done via natural mating and was born naturally.
Litter of 5 red males & 5 red bitches was born 12.3.2013.

red male, born 2010
Hips B/B, eyes Clear latest 1/2019 (8,5 y.o.)
Mental test -1, +3, +3, -1, +1a, -1c, -2, +2a = 15 points, approved to shot
vWD & Dilute Clear



red bitch, born 2007

Hips B, eyes Clear latest 03/2017 (9,5 y.o.)
Mental test +1a, +1a, -1, -1, +1a, +1, +1, +3 = 108, no reaction to shot
vWD Carrier, Dilute D/D (free)

Red male.
Export to USA.

No vaccination reactions.

Full & correct bite.
HD OFA Excellent, ED OFA Normal,
Eyes Clear 2 yo. Cardio Clear.
vWD Clear.
Sire to one litter at kennel Oakwood, USA.

Red male. Castrated.
No vacc. reactions.
Full&correct bite.
Small umbilical hernia. 
Heart murmur (not diagnosed further).

Has food allergies.
Shows BOB & CAC.
Mental test:
(1a,3,3,2b,1a,3,1,3 = ​
 +174 secure to shot
PTS in 2019.

Red male.
No vaccination reactions. 
Small umbilical hernia.
Full & correct bite.
Eyes Clear 2/2015
Has MyDogDNA-healthpass
Mental test:
-1,1b,-1,-1,1b,1,1,2a = ​
 +63, disposed to shot

Red male. Castrated due disturbing sexual drive.
No vacc. reactions.
Full&correct bite.

Heart murmur found 2018 (5 yo.)

Shows VG from JUN class
Mental test: 
+158p. secure to shot 

Heart examination result here and here ( in Finnish)
Pts 07/2020

Red male.
Living as a pet, Export to Germany.

Small umbilical hernia. 
No vaccine reactions.

Red bitch.

Export to Norway.
No vacc. reactions.
Full&correct bite.
HD A, Eyes RD & PMM  2017.
Dilute Clear, vWD Carrier.

Mental test:
-1,1b,3,-1,1b,1,-2,3 = 58 approved to shot
Dam to Rattenjäger X-litter year 2016 & Rattenjäger A-litter 2018.

Red bitch. Export to Germany.
No vaccination reactions. 
Full & correct bite.
EXC from shows.
HD A-2
Eyes Clear 11/2016
Has MyDogDNA-health pass.
A-locus ay/at 
Dilute Clear, vWD Carrier.
Mental test:
-2,1b,-1,2b,1b,1,-2,3 = ​
 +69, unfamiliar to shot

Red bitch.
EXC from shows.
Mild vacc. reactions.
Full&correct bite.
Has one white toe.

Red bitch.

Living as a pet. Neutered.

No vacc. reactions. 
Full&correct bite.
Shown once in JUN-class with VG.

Red bitch.
No vacc. reactions. 
Small umbilical hernia. 
Full&correct bite; 6 teeth removed as 3 yo. due to parodontitis.

Two have heart murmurs; one not diagnosed further, one has ultrasound done. One has white toe. 6 had small umbilical hernias which did not require surgery.  1 had vaccine reactions. 1 has ED 0/1.

Overall the litter was very consistent in type, and overall very nice, easy temperaments (some have high hunting drive).  

Most are open, kind and accessible.
Some have unfortunately inherited their dam's sloping croup and males are quite big.

4 dogs from this litter are living outside Finland. 2 in Germany, 1 in Norway, 1 in USA.

Litter is Dilute Clear (D/D), both parents are tested Clear. 

To date (2019) 2 of the dogs from this litter has been put to sleep,. 8 are alive.

MDD-health pass dogs in this litter: 
Cleopanthera, C-I-M Unbreakable

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