Imports & Exports

We have imported some German Pinschers from other countries, also Exported to other breeders & as pets. 


FI CH Rattenjäger Minne Für Megamagee

Import from Norway 2007.
red, HD B, Eyes Clear 9,5yo.

Full&correct bite (3 teeth removed at 7yo due parodontitis)
No vacc. reactions
No ear margin problems

vWD carrier, Dilute Clear

mt +108 secure to shot
Very high hunting drive
Heart murmur 1/6 at age 7
Spondylosis diagnosed at age 9
Dam to Megamagee S & C-litters
Very fertile, litters of 11 & 10 puppies. 
Deceased at 10 yo. due accident

No allergies or everyday problems.


dark angels poison private passion

Import from Germany


Mental test +125 approved to shot 

No litters. 


Rattenjäger Quicksand

Import from Norway 2010
red, HD A, Eyes Clear 6 yo.

Full&correct bite
No vacc. reactions
No ear margin problems

vWD Clear, Dilute Clear

mt +35 secure to shot

Sire to Rattenjäger X-litter
BOB & CAC from shows

Pts 2021


rattenjäger sagres preta

Import from Norway
b&t, HD A, Eyes Clear 4 yo.

Full&correct bite
No vacc. reactions

vWD Clear, Dilute Clear

mt +114 sensitive to shot

BOB & CAC from shows

No litters.


rtk2 karl drym's dream king black

Import from Czech Rep.
black&tan, HD B/A, eyes Clear 2,5yo.

Full&correct bite 
No vacc. reactions

vWD Clear, Dilute Clear, B-locus Carrier

mt +190 approved to shot

Shows: VG.
Competes in rally obedience & Heelwork to music.

Sire to 2 litters, in Pinjoy E & Cardolan O.


bäretriewer's pandora

Import from Germany 2019.

No vacc. reactions
No litters


rattenjäger adara

Import from Norway 2018
b&t, HD B, Heart Clear 2019

Full&correct bite
No vacc. reactions

Dilute Clear

Dam to Megamagee E-litter 2020

Owner I-L Saxholm & J Laurila


bh bäretriewer's joy-genie

Import from Germany 2020

Passed Begleidhundeprüfung (BH)

No litters



lux jch metal the devil

Export to Germany 2009
black&tan, HD A, eyes Cataract 6 yo.

Correct bite, missing 2 x P2 
No vacc. reactions

vWD Clear, Dilute Clear, B-locus Carrier

mt +190 approved to shot

Shows: LUX JCH, CAC from Luxembourg, France & Norway.

Sire to 4 litters in Germany.


multi ch multi w legato lungo

Export to Norway 2012

More info Here


no & dk & lt ch cradle of love

Export to Norway 2013
red bitch, HD A, eyes RD/ok,


More info here



Owner kennel Rattenjäger. 


ad cleopanthera

Export to Germany 2015
red bitch, HD A 

Passed Ausdauerprüfung (AD)


c.i.b. borders-and-shading

Export to Germany 2014
red male

More at owner's website


no & se & DK ch friggin' awesome

Export to Norway 2017
b&t bitch

More in F-litter's page


she's the one

Export to Norway 2011

Red rough coat bitch.
Shown with Disq. for wrong coat type.

No vacc. reactions.

Full&correct bite.

HD A, Eyes PHTVL-1.

Pts at 22 months old due to aggressive Lymphosarcoma.


Owner kennel Rattenjäger, Norway.



Export to Estonia 2012

Liver&tan bitch. 

Mild vacc. reactions.

Full & correct bite.
Neutered because of very heavy false pregnancies. Has also had pee dropping and very thin coat & constant skin problems.


am ch c'mon feel the noise

Export to US 2013

OFA CHIC certified:
HD excellent
ED normal
Heart Normal

Eyes OK



Export to Germany 2013

red male

living as a pet


flames 'n fury

Export to Germany 2017

red male

living as a pet


JCH RKF arseniya iridium

Export to Russia 2021

red bitch

Megamagee Arseniya Iridium