Crossbred line males for stud

1st generation

2nd generation

3rd generation

Currently no males

4th generation

5th generation

Here I have gathered some of the Crossbred- or crossbred line (further than 3 generations from actual Schnauzer crossbreeding, that are already considered as purebred). Please feel free to contact me if you have a male descending from crossbreeding line that you would like to have on the list. Currently there are males from Finland, Norway, Germany and Netherlands on the list. 

Those looking for a male to use: From 1st to 3rd generation the crossbred dogs are in appendix registry. If you are outside of Finland, make sure from your Kennel Club that you can register puppies normally. This is possible at least in Finland, Norway, Netherlands, Poland (others haven't tried yet, so we don't know). 

Males that are 4th generation or forward, have normal registry and can be used without problems or any limitations in every country. If you have questions, you can contact me.

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