Our dogs at home


Panda is 4th generation schnauzer-crossbred, red.


sire: Windläufer Weise Waltzer
dam: FI CH Yarracitta Ketschuppibaby
born: 17-02-2010

Breeding evaluation: done, overall good

All teeth, scissors bite.

MT: -1, +3, +3, -1, +1a, +1, +1, +2b = 69 points, approved to shooting
Mild vacc. reactions
No ear splitting

Neutered at 7 yo. due to mammary gland tumors. Living as our pet.
Diagnosed with partial Megaesophagus / possible PRAA

Shown once with JUN VG

Panda is very easy to live with, and is very nice and easy character. Though she is bit sharp and bit shy or better said suspicious, she is easily handled as she is also quite soft character and she loves people.

Pade is possessive over food and attention, but only towards other dogs, not to people. This habit is also easily handled because after all she is not dominant or very strong-willed.

She is very active little girl and loves to run around and bark at nothing. She is a quick learner and fun to work with, but only if it's done with having fun.


Panda has been diagnosed with partial megaesophagus and because of that she stayed as our pet. 


Eetsi is 3rd generation schnauzer-crossbred, red.


sire: Yarracitta Eppuhuippuheppu
dam: FI CH Rattenjäger Minne Für Megamagee
born: 25-04-2011

Breeding evaluation: done, overall excellent

All teeth, scissors bite.

MT: -1, +3, +3, -1, +1a, +2, -2, +2b = 60 points, approved to shooting
No vacc. reactions
Ear splitting occurred only during having her litter

Neutered at 6 yo. due to mammary gland tumors.
Shown to Finnish & Latvian Champion & Helsinki Winner-12, has also CAC from Estonia but I have been too lazy to apply for the title.

Eetsi is 3rd generation schnauzer- crossbred from our third litter, parents Miisa and Eppu.

She was the smallest one when the litter was born, but grew up very fast, thanks to her huge appetite. Eetsi is kind, open and quite calm for a GP. She is still terribly greedy.

Eetsi is very easygoing and "slow" for a Pinscher. We do Nose work (scent training) with her.


Simi is 3rd generation schnauzer-crossbred, red and rough coated.


sire: Yarracitta Eppuhuippuheppu
dam: FI CH Rattenjäger Minne Für Megamagee
born: 25-04-2011

Breeding evaluation: done, overall good

Missing one M3, scissors bite.

Not Mental tested due to softness & poor nerves
Mild vacc. reactions
No ear splitting.

Castrated, living as our pet

Simi came back to live with us in 2016. He likes people very much, is kind and easy dog at home.

Simi has fear of slippery floors that made his life quite difficult living in apartment building, but here at countryside he is OK.

Simi gets "worked up" by quite many different things, and he requires routines and exercise. With those he is happy cuddlebuddy and he loves to spend his days outside in the yard.


Lilli is show-line Labrador retriever.
In FKC Database


sire: FI CH Lucky My All My Best A/A, 0/0, Nome-B AVO-1. Mejä AVO-3
dam: Nallelaakson Pinja B/B 0/0
born: 06-08-2018

Hips A/A , Elbows 0/0
Gene tests: EIC, SD2, CNM, DM - Clear (MyDogDNA)
Carries brown colour (B/b) 
MyDogDNA- full results
Shows Jun G

Hobbies: training for field, scent work, running free, making a mess and being a teenager

Lilli came in September 2018 after half a year hard planning of getting a Labrador. Lilli's sire is my aunt's dog "Urho" that I liked really much, so it was natural choice for me to take puppy after him.


We practice to get her qualified in the field, also blood tracking and basic obedience & good manners.

Lilli is very active, eager to work and loves doing anything with me. She gets along with other dogs very well and loves to play and get herself  soaked in every damn puddle. 


Lotta is show-line Labrador retriever.
In FKC Database


sire: FI EE LT CH FIW-19 October's Nanook Of The North AA 00 
dam: Maisa AA 00
born: 11-03-2020

Owner: kennel October's. 


Hobbies: being a baby

Papu came to live with us in spring 2020, she is a breeding rights bitch from her breeder. 
As I write this she has been at our home for a week, and seems very independent and fun baby! 

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