L-litter 2O12

This litter is 5th generation crossbred-line litter. 

Coefficient Of Inbreeding (COI): 3.55%
Ancestor loss coefficient (AVK): 80.2% 

Litter was done via Artificial Insemination (because male was in Norway) and was born naturally.
Litter of 1 b&t male, 1 wild boar male & 1 wild boar bitch and 4 liver&tan bitches was born 27.8.2012. One wild boar colored male puppy was put to sleep at 7 weeks of age due to severe eye condition (PHTVL 2-6). All other puppies unofficially eye checked Clear at age of 7 weeks.

black&tan male, born 2009
Hips A, Elbows 0, eyes PHTVL-1 latest 06/2017 (8 y.o.)
MH done, shooting 5
vWD Clear (N/N), Dilute Clear (D/D), B-locus Carrier (B/b)



wild boar color bitch, 4th generation cross, born 2009

Hips A, eyes Clear latest 03/2017 (8 y.o.)
Mental test -1, +1a, +1, -1, +1a, +2, -2, +3 = 71, no reaction to shot
Breeding evaluation done
B-locus carrier (B/b)

Black&tan male


Wild boar color male. Castrated.
Did have vaccine reactions.

Full & correct bite

diagnosed Urachus diverticulum; had issues with several urine inflammations as younger. After changing to raw food diet the urine inflammation issues are over.

Mental test: 

-1,1a,-1,-1,1a,1,1,+2a = +63p. disposed to shot 
Hips B/B, Elbows 0/0 (free)
Not shown

Wild boar bitch. Neutered.
Mild vacc. reactions.

Full & correct bite
HD B, ED 0
Spondylosis 0 (free)
Lumbosacral transitional vertebra 0 (free)

Not shown due to color
Mental test:
-2,3,1,-1,1a,3,-2,3 = +73p. approved to shots

Brown&tan bitch

no further records, living as a pet

Brown&tan bitch.

Living as a pet.

Had vaccination reactions.

All teeth&correct bite.

Had problems holding pee as younger.
Skin/coat issues, very thin coat.

Mental test:
1b,1a,1,-1,1a,1,1,3 = +110 approved to shot

Brown&tan bitch.

Mild vacc. reactions.
Full & correct bite. 

Severe skin/coat problems, itching and problems holding need to pee.
Neutered due to very short heat cycle.

Brown&tan bitch. Neutered.

Living as a pet, export to Estonia.
Mild vacc. reactions.
Full & correct bite.

Neutered because of very heavy false pregnancies. "Ruby" has also had pee dropping and coat&skin problems.

From this litter 3 choco&tan bitches have had skin/coat issues from the start; dry, weak coat and some itching. Also 3 chocos and 1 wb dog have had weird urinary problems, pee dropping and 3 have had difficulties to hold their need to go to pee as younger age. One is diagnosed with urachus diverticulum.  

Only two dogs from this litter have been healthy all their life so far (Legato Lungo & La Roux).


I dismissed my breeding rights bitch La Roux from my breeding plans because I wanted to screen longer about health situation than 4 years that is written in the breeding rights contract, and used Legato Lungo as a sire of my F-litter year 2017.

To date (year 2019) all dogs from this litter are alive (to my knowledge).

MDD-health pass dogs in this litter: 
Legato Lungo

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