MyDogDNA-health pass


"MyDogDNA® is an easy-to-use DNA testing service for dogs that helps you see what your dog is carrying in its DNA. Testing can be performed to all dogs of all breeds, as well as mixed-breed dogs, regardless the age or size of the dog.

MyDogDNA® is a genome-wide genetic analysis that gives information on several inherited characteristics. All received DNA test results are reported online to your user account in the secured MyDogDNA® database."

In the US the test is sold as "Optimal Selection™".
Besides being an interesting tool for diversity screening, MyDogDNA gives results to vWD-1 and Pinscher relevant color-loci A (if red carries b&t or if schnauzer line dogs carry wild boar) and B (chocolate gene). Also several other color tests, but no Dilution yet. In hopes to get Dilute test added for our breed, Megamagee has offered the test for one blue&tan Pinscher for collecting data.

At Megamagee we use this test for vWD and in future, hopefully for dilution screening in our dogs. It also gives a breeder a sense of how your dogs fit in the whole breed's big picture.
As I work with crossbreeding line, I hope there will be enough tested Pinschers in future to also see the possible influence of using the Schnauzer to bring in more diversity. At this point so big part of MDD-tested dogs are from Crossbreeding line that most likely the diversity results for the breed are "better than it really is".

You can look at the Health pass results for the dogs from links in the list on right. 

Dogs tested by Megamagee or our puppy owners:
MMG Rachel Flame
MMG Sham-And-A-Lie
MMG Secret Agent Man
MMG Legato Lungo
MMG Cleopanthera
MMG C-I-M Unbreakable
MMG Friggin' Awesome

MMG Fenrisúlfr
Yarracitta Willinwikkelä Wirastotantta

Karl Drym's Dream King Black

Magleddies Silver Smurf (for D-locus research)


Other dogs we have used and are tested:
Yarracitta Ketschuppibaby (dam to R-litter)
Duvinal Velior Vitus (sire to B-litter)
Yarracitta Dhalma Pilccunen (dam to Y. W-litter)