R-litter 2O1O

This litter is 4th generation crossbred-line litter. 

Coefficient Of Inbreeding 6 gen. (COI): 1.05%
Ancestor loss coefficient 6 gen. (AVK): 84.9%

Litter was done via natural mating and was born naturally.
Litter of 2 red males & 6 bitches was born 17.2.2010.

black&tan male, born 2006
Hips A/A, eyes Clear latest 09/2011 (5 y.o.)
Mental test -1, +1a, -1, -1, +1a, +1, +1, +3 =  78 points, no reaction to shot



red 3rd generation crossbred, born 2006

Hips A/A, eyes Clear latest 11/2011 (5 y.o.)
Mental test +1a, +1a, -1, -1, +1a, +3, +1, +3 = 138, disposed to shot

Mental Beskrivning done, with 4 to shot
Finnish Champion
MyDogDNA-health pass


red male
mild vacc. reactions
VG from shows
Mental test:

-1,1,-1,-1,1,1,1,+3 = 78 points, no reaction to shot



red male

mild vacc. reactions
small closed navel hernia

no further records, living as a pet

Random Drift

red bitch
diagnosed possible PRAA/partial Megaesophagus
VG from shows
Mental test: 

-1,3,3,-1,1a,1,1,2b = +69 approved to shot

Living as a pet at our own home

Rachel Flame

red bitch
no vacc. reactions
Missing 1 x P1
DLA-tested & MyDogDNA-helth pass
Hips A/A, Elbows 0/0

Eyes Clear  01/2013 (3 years old)
Mental test:
1a,1a,3,2a,1a,2,1,3 =  +157 approved to shot,
MH done with 1 to shot
Res-CAC from shows
Dam to Pinjoy D-litter
Deceased 01/2018 due severe cancer

Rhea Rhodanthe

red bitch
no vacc. reactions
VG from shows
hobbies: Agility, dog searching
Mental test:

-1,3,-1,-2,1,-1a,-2,2b = +1 points approved to shot
Pts in 2018 due lymph node cancer.

Radis Rouge


no further records, living as a pet

Romy Rubinia

red bitch
mild vacc. reactions
Full scissors bite (one canine fixed)
allergic to wheat?
EXC1 from shows

Radical Weed

red bitch
deceased 2011 due accident

1 puppy is registered to "Not for breeding"-appendix due to PRAA/Megaesophagus. Litter was excluded from my future plans after multiple SLO (Symmetric Lupoid Onychodystrophy) cases showed up in the paternal side of the pedigree.

Both parents have "shed" their missing teeth at adult age (P1's rom sire, P2's from dam). Dam has document showing full dentition at the time of breeding.

Recorded teeth problems in the litter are 2 x P1 missing from one bitch and wrong position of one Canine tooth on another bitch. 

Dam has been diagnosed with Cushing's disease some years after the litter. Puppies don't have similar problems or SLO at least yet (year 2018).


To date (year 2019) 3 dogs from the litter are deceased (1 accident &  2 x cancer).

MDD-health pass dogs in this litter: 
Rachel Flame