Yarracitta W-litter

This litter was the last one of FCI approved Cross breeding program's four accepted F1-litters. Puppies were born 4th of June 2018. Puppies were born and raised at our home,  like litter's dam Dhalma was too back in year 2012. 

Litter was done via AI with frozen semen, as sire has deceased in 2013.
Litter of 3 red males & 1 red bitch was born 4.6.2018.

Chivas Grand Calvera
P&S Schnauzer
born 2003
Hips A/A, eyes Clear latest 11/2013 (10 y.o.)
Mental test +1a, +1a, +1, +2a, +1a, +1, +1, +3 = 140 points, no reaction to shot

Begleithundeprüfung done, competed in agility and obedience.


Yarracitta Dhalma Pilccunen

red German Pinscher

born 2012
mild vacc. reactions, vWD Clear

Hips A/A, eyes Clear latest 3/2018 (6 y.o.)
Mental test -1, +1a, -1, -2, +1a, +2, +1, +3 = 83 points, approved to shot

red rough coat bitch
aw/ay, with mask gene
mild vaccine reactions
ED 0/0
Spine: SP-0, VA-0, LTV-1
Eyes Clear 09/2020
MH-description done, shooting 1 (videos)

Owner kennel Megamagee
Living with family Jaalamaa

red rough coat male

Owner family Alho

red rough coat male

Eyes Clear 8/2020
HD-A, ED-0
Spine (LTV, VA, SP) Clear
No vacc. reactions
MH-description done (videos)

Owner kennel Sawonmuan

red rough coat male

missing other testicle

Owner family Siltala

From this litter the female is owned by kennel Megamagee, one male is owned by kennel Sawonmuan and one male is "in breeding reserve"with a family who is committed to cross breeding project. One male was missing a testicle and therefore living as only a pet.

MDD-health pass dogs in this litter: 
Willinwikkelä Wirastotantta, Wimpan Päälle Wirtuoosi

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