M-litter 2OO9

This litter was my first litter. 4th generation crossbred-line litter was born 30.5.2009.

Coefficient Of Inbreeding 6 gen. (COI): 1.2%
Ancestor loss coefficient 6 gen. (AVK): 89.7% 

Litter was done via natural mating and was born via C-section due to Tessa having no contractions due deceased puppies.
​7 puppies; 5 were born alive, two malformed had already died and partially decayed in uterus. One under 100g (birthweight) puppy died as 2-3 weeks of age, "weak puppy".
4 puppies Registered: 2 black&tan males & 1 black&tan bitch & 1 wild boar bitch.

black&tan male, born 2004
Hips B/B, Elbows 0/0, eyes Clear latest 04/2010 (6 y.o.)
Mental test -1, +1a, +3, +2a, +1a, +3, +1, +3 = 142 points, approved to shot

Finnish Champion.



wild boar colored 3rd generation crossbred, born 2003

Hips A/A, eyes Clear latest 5/2011 (8 y.o.)
Mental test -1, +1a, +3, +2a, +1a, +3, +1, +3 = 142, no reaction to shot

Breeding evaluation done. G from shows for the color.

LUX JCH Metal The Devil

Black&tan male
no vacc. reactions
Hips A-1 Free
eyes - diagnosed HC at 6 yo.
missing 2 x P2 from underjaw
BOB & CAC's (from France, Lux. & Norway), CACIB (France)
Sire to 4 litters in Germany
vWD: N/N (clear) , dilute: D/D (clear), B-lokus: B/b (carrier)

Pts in 2022

Mezmerize Montalbano

B&t male
No vacc. reactions
castrated (cryptorchidism)
Mental test:

1a,3,1,2a,1a,3,1,3 = +172 points, no reaction to shot

Pts in 2022

Meliza Muflone

wild boar bitch
no vacc. reactions
hips A/A
eyes Clear 3/2017 (8 y.o.)
Breeding Evaluated with Excellent (except color)
DLA-tested, B-lokus B/b (carrier)
dam to our L-litter
Mental test:

-1,1,1,-1,1,2,-2,3 = +71, secure to shots

Lives as a pet with H. Mäki

Maruzella Mumaluga

Black&tan bitch
Hips A/A with Lumbosacral transitional vertebra
Pelvic bladder
Mental test:

1,1,-1,-2,1,3,1,3 = 128 no reaction to shot

Lives as a pet with family Niskanen.


One bitch has lumbosacral transitional vertebra and pelvic bladder (Maruzella Mumaluga). One male had chryptorchidism (Mezmerize Montalbano). One male 2xP2 missing and diagnosed with cataracts at age 6 (Metal The Devil). Bitch that we used to breeding has Clear eyes at 8 year old and otherwise healthy to date.