Busy spring!

Even though COVID-19 is causing troubles regarding any events, we have been quite busy this spring. In early May we got a new puppy, another Labrador to our home. "Papu" is bred and owned by kennel October's. I'm very happy with her, she is pretty little bean and seems cuite calm and self confident. Loves absolutely everyone and everything! She is a show-line labrador, but I appreciate that her pedigree has dogs that are also working well: for example her both grandparents from sire side are Champions from shows and field.

Then we did a mating between CIB Multi CH Yarracitta Hermannin Herttua "Elmo" and our import Rattenjäger Adara "Fiona", and now we hope for a litter to be born in August. I was supposed to show Fiona this spring, but due to COVID it wasn't possible. She will attend to breeding evaluation in early July so she will have all requirements fulfilled that Pinscher Club asks for (either a show result or breeding evaluation). 23rd June we imported a 4-year old Pinscher bitch from Germany, Bäretriewer's Joy-Genie. She is by Bäretriewer's Easybär - CIB Rattenjäger Singha, has passed BH-test (Begleithundeprüfung) and been an agility dog in her previous life. Now she will move to live with Megamagee SG Bitch Please "Nala", and hopefully comes to us for a litter early next year. I am really thankful to her breeder Cornelia for letting us have her. Genie has been at our house for a day but I already am very thrilled about her calm and steady temperament! So much that I can see past her very joyful ears ;)

Fiona, our next litter's dam

October's Yosemite "Papu"

Bäretriewer's Joy-Genie