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Wrapping up 2021

Busy year, no blog updates!

A lot has happened around here, even though it might not seem like it. Early this year we did frozen semen AI to our F1-bitch Cava with male from USA, Oakwoods Express Yourself. That resulted in four happy F2-puppies, that now live in their own homes, one in Russia and other 3 in Finland. A bitch and a male stayed in our ownership and hopefully will contribute to our breeding program later. Now let them grow first.

Some MMG pinschers have been shown with great results! Father Legato Lungo and son Fenrisúlfr gained new titles during the year: Fenrisúlfr: Estonian Winner'21, TallinnWinner'21, Estonian Champion Legato Lungo: Danish Winner'21, Danish Veteran Winner'21, Nordic Veteran Winner'21, Danish Veteran Champion, NPC Club Champion, Norwegian Veteran Winner'21. Legato Lungo now holds whooping 19 titles altogether. Miss Fix, MMG Friggin' Awesome was shown couple times during the year. She scored BOS & CACIB, and was first German Pinscher to obtain Norwegian Pinscher Club's Club Champion-title. She also passed blood tracing course in spring.

Both of our blondes, the Labradors, have been around too. Both passed their Field qualification test this year, and about that I'm super proud! Lilli, Nallelaakson Ellu also was shown once in working class with VG, and got her health checks up to date for puppy plans early next year. Check the Litter Plans-page. Unfortunately our field trial-debut will be sometime after that due to owner with serious stage fright. Papu, October's Yosemite was shown during the year in 9 shows, every time getting EXC, 8 times at least placing in her class. Papu also participated to breeder's group competitions and her sire's progeny groups in Specialty shows, being BIS-progeny in both Specialties.

Papu finished the year with a great win in Finnish Winner show by taking BOB & CAC & CACIB and FIW-21 title! For next year our hope is to get the last CAC needed for FI CH-title after she turns 2 years old.

In first photo Papu BOB at Finnish Winner, BOS Perfect Sweet Dream Rules For Fools, photo Second Megamagee Legato Lungo at one of his wins. Third MMG Fenrisulfr winning Estonian Winner. Fourth & fifth MMG A-litter, F2-crossbreds. Last photo MMG Arseniya Iridium at her first show.

It has been overwhelming to get back in to showing with such a dog, all thanks to Sari, Papu's breeder/owner!

For year 2022 we have planned only Labrador litter at this point, let's see what the year brings. If you happen to be interested in imported breeding rights bitch (Pinscher), please do send me a message and let me know. Only in Finland of course. Have a peaceful Christmas and happy New year's, and let's all hope that COVID will not mess too many shows and other dog happenings next year!

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