S-litter 2O11

This litter is 3rd generation crossbred-line litter. 
Coefficient Of Inbreeding 6 gen. (COI): 2.59%
Ancestor loss coefficient 6 gen. (AVK): 87.3% 

Litter was done via natural mating and was born naturally.
Litter of 3 red males, 3 wild boar males & 4 red bitches and 2 wild boar bitches was born 25.4.2011.

red rough coated male, 2nd generation cross
born 2002
Hips B/A, Elbows 0/0, eyes Clear latest 11/2011 (11 y.o.)
Mental test +1a, +1a, +3, +2a, +1a, +2, +1, +3 = 157 points, no reaction to shot
Deceased at 15years 7months of age.
vWD Clear



red bitch

born 2007

Hips B, eyes Clear latest 03/2017 (9,5 y.o.), vWD Carrier, Dilute D/D (free).
Mental test +1a, +1a, -1, -1, +1a, +1, +1, +3 = 108, no reaction to shot
Finnish Champion, 2 x CACIB

red male
Hips A/A, eyes Clear latest 02/2015 (4y.o.)
Heart murmur 2/6, aortic stenosis at age 6
Mental test:
-1,1a,-1,-2,1a,3,-2,3 = +74, disposed to shot
BALT, FI, EE, LV & LT Champion

red bitch
Hips A/A,

Eyes Clear latest  03/2017 (6 y.o.)
Mental test:
-1,3,3,-1,1a,2,-2,2b = +60, approved to shot
FI, LV Champion, HelsinkiWinner-12,
Pinscher Club's Best Showbitch 2013
MyDogDNA-health pass
Neutered due to mammary gland tumors
Dam to Megamagee B-litter in 2014
In her B-litter was 1 puppy with PRAA

wild boar color male
Hips B/B
Eyes Insignificant Cataract 01/2017 (6y.o.)
Elbows 0/0, Knees 0/0, Heart auscultation Clear 12/2014
Mental test:
1a,1a,3,-1,1a,1,3,3 = +128 no reaction to shot
MyDogDNA-health pass
Breeding evaluation done
Sire to Proud Jewel Q-litter, 2015 in Netherlands

wild boar color male
Mental test:
-1,3,1,-1,1a,1,1,3 = +82, approved to shot

red male

no further records, living as a pet

red rough coat male
Missing 1 x M3
no mental test due to poor nerves

Breeding evaluation done

Living as a pet in our home

red bitch
Hips A/A, Elbows 0/0, Eyes Clear latest 11/2014 (3y.o.)
Mental test (re-try):
1a,1a,1,-1,1a,3,1,-1a = +80, approved to shot
BOS&CAC from shows
Dam to Cardolan O-litter
In her O-litter was 1 puppy with PRAA

red rough coat bitch
Export to Norway
Hips A/A, Eyes PHTVL-1
Deceased at 22 months old due to aggressive Lymphosarcoma

red rough coat bitch

Mental test:
-2,1a,1,-2,1a,1,-2,3 = 31, afraid of shots

no further records, living as a pet

wild boar rough coat bitch

no further records, living as a pet

wild boar bitch

no further records, living as a pet

From 11 puppies 4 had rough coats and 4 were wild boar colored, inherited from crossbred-line sire. 

One male has 1 x M3 missing recorded. No umbilical hernias. 4 puppies had vaccine reactions.  One puppy has kink tail. 

Overall quite uneven litter, some with good, stable temperaments but also dogs with unfortunate fears for noises and/or floors, some not very accessible to new people, some have no problems with that.

Both Parents full & correct bite. Dam had 3 teeth removed as 7,5 yo. due to parodontitis and heart murmur diagnosed at same time (earlier Clear). Dam also had diagnosed Spondylosis at age 9 (x-rays clear at 2 and ~4 year old).
One male from this litter diagnosed with aortic stenosis at age 6,5 years (Clear at 2 years old).

Sire died to old age at 15 years and 7 months old. He turned 11 years old the same year when this litter was made. 

To date (2019) 10 dogs from this litter are alive (to my knowledge), one died due aggressive Lymphosarcoma at 22months old.

MDD-health pass dogs in this litter: 
Secret Agent Man, Sham-And-A-Lie

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