yarracitta jeppanapoppanen


3rd generation Pinscher-Schnauzer crossbred, wild boar-colored
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sire: Yarracitta Eppuhuippuheppu (2gen. crossbred)
dam: Of Leijliden Unra-Eliza
born: 17-04-2003, died Feb. 2016

Dam to Megamagee M-litter in 2009.

Mild vacc. reactions

complete set of teeth & proper bite

Hips A/A. Eyes Clear latest 14.5.'11 (8 years old)

shows: G (coat color). Breeding evaluation: overall Excellent

Mental test +142 points (+1 +3 +1 -1 +1 +3 +1 +3), secure to shooting

Tessa was the easiest and kindest girl, with very easy temperament. She was always wagging her tail and loved all people. Even when we went to dog park, she was more interested about people and asking for attention and cuddles. 

Tessa had one litter in year 2009 to male FI CH Ceriinan Gilbert. At that time Tessa was already 6 years old, and there were problems in whelping, so she never was bred again. Our kennel's first litter, the M-litter had 2 males and 2 females, 3 of them being black&tan (and free from wild boar-gene) and one wild boar colored puppy.
One of the b&t males (MMG Metal The Devil) was exported to Germany and he later on sired 4 litters there. I used the wild boar-colored bitch (MMG Meliza Muflone) for breeding in 2012 and it resulted to our L-litter. From this litter one b&t male (Multi CH MMG Legato Lungo) was exported to Norway, so Tessa's crossbred bloodlines can be found also from Germany and Norway.

Titled offspring

Megamagee Metal The Devil