BH passed & New German (VDH & PSK) Champion!

This weekend was great yet again for Megamagee males Vasco (Borders-And-Shading) and Flaksi (Legato Lungo). First on saturday Vasco passed his begleithundeprüfung (BH-test) with his co-owner Martina. Vasco is owned by Cornelia Rassler of kennel Bäretriewers & Martina . Huge congratulations! On sunday Flaksi won Best Of Breed and Rostock Winner-18 title, and finished his German Champion-titles, both VDH and PSK. I highly appreciate these titles as even a Champion from other country will need 5 CAC's for VDH-title and 6 CAC's for PSK title. So huge congratulations to owner Ane Braten! Thank you to both teams for taking the boys out to prove themselves!